As a Member of the Canine Massage Guild you can be assured that I have completed and passed a 2 year training course, with over 800 hours of study and working on dogs, to attain my diploma and become a qualified Canine Massage Therapist in Scotland.

I am fully trained in:

• Injury Rehabilitation
• Soft Tissue Manipulation & Injury Identification
• Swedish, Sports & Myofascial Release Massage
• Gait & Posture Analysis
• Advanced Palpation Skills
• Advanced Canine Massage Techniques
• Canine Anatomy & Physiology
• Canine Rehabiltitation
• Orthopaedic Condition Awareness

I have pledged to adhere to best practice, which means that your dog comes first. If they have not shown improvement in 1-3 sessions then I will refer you back to you vet for further investigation. It also means that I won’t work on your dog unless I have your vet’s consent and I will keep them informed of any findings and treatments.

Visit the Canine Massage Guild for more information.

You can download a vet consent form here..

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