Dogs do their best to hide any pain or injury so as not to be seen as the weak member of our pack. As a result, you may not know your dog is in pain until it has become too much for them to be able to conceal any longer.

Symptoms of pain may manifest as:
• Limping, unable to fully weight bear on one or more legs
• Having difficulty jumping on / off the sofa or into the car
• Character changes, grumpy with people or dogs

• Appearing to age overnight
• Problems getting up or lying down
• No longer keen to go for a walk
• Performance issues, eg dropping poles
• Suffers from arthritis or hip dysplasia
• Is on prescription NSAIDs like metacam or loxicom

It is possible to see improvements in all the areas listed and many more. Please visit our page entitled: Benefits of Clinical Canine Massage for a more detailed account of the results you can hope to achieve with Canine Massage Therapy.

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