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Clinical Canine Massage is a vet-approved, complementary therapy that offers drug-free pain relief and improved mobility for dogs with soft tissue injuries and orthopaedic conditions, like Arthritis and Hip Dysplasia, in just 1-3 sessions.

Using a blend of 4 styles of massage, Swedish, Sports, Deep Tissue and Myofascial Release, combined with Advanced Canine Anatomy to produce a non-invasive, remedial treatment designed to relieve painful trigger points, strains and injury while promoting rehabilitation, improved stretch and flexibility, and benefitting the overall mobility and well-being of your dog.

Clinical Canine Massage Therapy
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Canine Massage Workshops
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Your K9 Massage Clinic therapist is skilled in advance palpation which means they can ‘see’ what is hidden beneath the fur with their fingers, and can detect debilitating soft tissue injuries which do not show up on x-rays or MRIs.

During the palpation they will examine the superficial muscles and tendons, searching for Strains, Sprains, Trigger Points and areas of Wide-Radiating Myofascial Pain, as they try to identify the source of your dog’s mobility issues and assess how best to improve them.

Please visit the Treatment page for more information on what you can expect during your dog’s Canine Massage Therapy session.

Canine Massage Therapy also supports dogs with orthopaedic issues, like hip dysplasia or arthritis, by improving the health and flexibility of muscles and tendons that have to work harder due to a joint weakness. This extra workload creates areas of overcompensation to muscles and limbs causing injury to them, further exacerbating your dog’s mobility issues.

For a greater understanding of some of the muscular, orthopaedic and neurological conditions supported by Clinical Canine Massage Therapy, and the sort of improvements you could expect to see, please visit our Conditions page.

"Our biggest issue after visiting Catriona is trying to stop Tess running around like a puppy. We can visibly see how much better she feels once the massage has taken place and I would happily recommend Catriona."


Sally Smith, Bathgate

"You’re keeping my getting older dogs fit for function with regular treatments and I really appreciate your skill and genuine love for your clients."


Karen Connal, Lennoxtown

"It's wonderful to see my pal Sierra smiling again when we walk! What a dramatic improvement in 3 weeks. Thanks a million Catriona!"


Rosalind Srivastava, Dunbar

"Just wanted to let you know Titch ran amazing this weekend, he was on fire both days and zero lameness. His massage worked wonders for him."


Janis McArthur, Glasgow

How do I know if my dog needs a massage?

Dogs do their best to hide any pain or injury so as not to be seen as the weak member of our family. As a result, you may not know your dog is in pain until it has become too much for them to conceal any longer.

Symptoms of pain may manifest as:
• Limping, unable to fully weight bear on one or more legs
• Having difficulty jumping on / off the sofa or into the car
• Character changes, grumpy with people or dogsCanine massage benefits dogs in Scotland. Contact K9 Massage Clinic
• Appearing to age overnight
• Problems getting up or lying down
• No longer keen to go for a walk
• Performance issues, eg dropping poles
• Suffers from arthritis or hip dysplasia
• Is on prescription NSAIDs like metacam or loxicom

It is possible to see improvements in all the areas listed and many more. Please visit our page entitled: Benefits of Clinical Canine Massage for a more detailed account of the results you can hope to achieve with Canine Massage Therapy.

Where can I find a Canine Massage Clinic?

K9 Massage Clinic can most often be found in Stirling, Central Scotland but also runs regular clinics around the country. I can be found in Forfar & Montrose, West Calder and Coupar Angus. I will be running workshops in these areas too.

I have opened Facebook groups to share dates for appointments and workshops, so I encourage you to follow the links and join a group if you are a FB user. If not, then give me a call and I can fill you in.

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