My English Springer spaniel Meg suffers from:
Bilateral elbow dysplasia
Hind leg cruciate ligament repair
Hind leg femoral head excision

Meg has massage treatment every three to four weeks from Catriona at K9 massage to alleviate pain, loosen up tight muscles where she has been compensating for weak and sore elbows etc. The massage completly relaxes Meg and I can clearly hear and see the release when Catriona performs the massage.

Catriona not only performs a massage, she is genuinely interested in Meg’s health and well-being, chats to her, reassuring her throughout the massage. Catriona also chats and keeps me informed on what’s happening throughout Meg’s massage.

I would highly recommend Catriona K9 massage to any pet owner.

Elizabeth Stewart, Kilsyth

Thanks for Millie’s session on Thursday, we really appreciate your lovely way with her and all the snippets of advice. She’s like a spring lamb today!

Alison Shand, Edinburgh


After months of intermittent lameness, trips to the vet, rest and Metacam, back into work only to go lame again we were prepared to stop doing agility with our Labrador until a friend recommended K9 Massage Clinic. A few treatments later and a few weeks back into training, our first show back today ended with Cara winning 2 classes and was second in another. We are so very grateful for your empathy and skill, for giving us back a happy dog and the chance to keep competing with her!

Nadia Douglas, Livingston

In November 2015, Tess was suddenly struggling to get up and out of her bed. This happened very quickly, almost overnight. We then noticed her limping lots and an arch to her back. This was more obvious after a walk. On taking Tess to the vet we were advised they thought she had arthritis. The reason they could only advise this is she is such a tough cookie, she refused to move when examined, never flinched when touched. She gave nothing away.

On sourcing information about arthritis and how to help her, we found the suggestion of massages. A member of staff at our vets suggested Catriona Dickson.

Tess had her consultation and there are no words for how grateful we are to have met Catriona, not only has she provided Tess with a better quality of life, that I’m in no doubt she would not have got from just using the advised medication. Catriona has been able to describe Tess’s condition in a way that has educated us more as owners.

Tess has become so comfortable with Catriona’s calm and nurturing nature that she allows the full body massage, this has given us a better insight into her body and how it specifically works for her, further knowing what we need to do in the long term to support Tess to be the most comfortable.

Since the initial consultation massages, we continue to visit once a month. The change in Tess is huge, she has not had any issue getting up after walks, she will stretch her body out which she hadn’t done for a while. Her back is less arched and our biggest issue after visiting Catriona is trying to stop Tess running around like a puppy. We can visible see how much better she feels once the massage has taken place and I would happily recommend Catriona.

Sally Smith, Bathgate

Frankie totally chilled after his massage with Catriona today. We started seeing K9 Massage Clinic as part of his rehab following very successful stem cell therapy treatment, and we continue regular visits for his continued fitness and well-being. He has grown to love Miss Catriona, despite him thinking that we both need the workout provided by chasing him round the treatment room. Not cool, Frankie!

Patricia Templeton, Edinburgh

Testimonial_canine massage Jura_Tiree_Finn

You’re keeping my getting older dogs fit for function with regular treatments and I really appreciate your skill and genuine love for your clients.

My 3 have all had their massages, Finn was in good condition but has a muscle strain in his back, Tiree has on-going issues – but I knew that before she went, and Jura has had trigger points in her back and is now a much happier cuddlier dog – all that time and she wasn’t antisocial just sore.

My dogs work so hard at agility and Canicross and can’t tell me when they’re in pain so I get them checked out a couple of times a year. Delighted to find a good clinic much nearer to home.

Karen Connal, Lennoxtown

Just wanted to let you know Titch ran amazing this weekend, he was on fire both days and zero lameness. His massage worked wonders for him.

Janis McArthur, Glasgow

I heard about Catriona from one of my agility friends and went to her to see if she could help with my large Belgian Greonendahl shepherd who had become extremely lame after rest in her back leg. She is a young dog and was walking as though she was an old dog.

The vet had checked her and could not find anything wrong. Straight away Catriona could see the muscles on her rear back leg were not as developed on one side. Catriona has being working with Sasha for several months and now her limp has all but gone and both rear legs are the same. She is a bit of a miracle worker as she has fixed what my vet couldn’t find and I now have my big bouncy girl back.

Trudi Shannon, Livingston


Catriona has helped with my agility dogs. Jess pulled muscles in her hind quarters and was on restricted exercise. Catriona has helped with her rehabilitation and Jess managed a fantastic 3rd place in the finals of the CSJ Highland Agility Stakes. She is now on maintenance checks and doing really well.

Katrina Hands, Finavon


Thank you so much Catriona for making Fly’s life so much better since starting her massage therapy. She is so much happier and able to enjoy her walks again as well as jumping up onto the sofa (and occasionally the bed) much easier. After just the first treatment she became much more cuddly and playful again. I only wish I had decided to try massage therapy for her much sooner!

Katherine Thomas, Brechin

Thanks for seeing our old GSD Eddie, he is like a new dog even after a couple of sessions. He has always been a toilet roll stealer however in the last 6 months or so we had noticed he hadn’t done this trick, however after the first session when we thought he was sleeping in his bed he snuck away and then his head appeared round the living room door with one in his mouth and that “come play” look on his face – great having a young dog back again!

Grant Neilson, Edinburgh


Just want to say a huge thank you Catriona for the difference you have made to my beloved Afghan, Rosa. I could see a difference from the very first massage you gave her. She has the sparkle back in her eyes (even husband noticed this!!) and a spring back in her step. She has rediscovered her love of chasing rabbits and is enjoying her walks again. She is also getting up much more easily and will jump on the sofa and bed again.

After your last visit she ran up the stairs like a two year old and grinned at me from the top landing! Previously she wouldn’t use the stairs at all. It is wonderful to see my 13 year old girl looking so relaxed and happy. Both Rosa and I think you are an amazing lady!! A million thank you’s for making Rosa (and me!!) so happy!

Jackie Harris, Letham

I have a very fit 8 1/2 year old crossbreed and although she retired from agility this season she still requires 2 – 3 hours of mental and physical exercise a day. A couple of months ago after a normal day she was very lame on her rear leg after complete rest in the evening, she didn’t indicate any pain whilst checking it over, so we did the usual metacalm for a few days and rest. But the problem continued, fine whilst out during the day, lame in evenings, x-rays showed nothing obvious, and received second opinion from East Neuk over concerns about cruciate.

Again nothing obvious, I contacted K9 Massage Clinic and got an appointment with Catriona, during our first visit she could feel fiberous tissue in the lumbar region and possibly where the problem was coming from. After 3 sessions with Catriona my dog is completely sound again, the big test was a visit to the beach, after a 2 hour walk and complete rest after supper my dog was bouncing around throwing her toys around. Thank you so much to Catriona and K9 Massage Clinic I now have chaotic evenings again!

Leigh Cameron, Aberdeen


Over the past year my Sheltie, Buddy, had become very miserable, slow and stiff. Despite taking him to a physiotherapist, having x-rays etc nothing was found and Buddy was getting no better despite being on Yumove. Nothing seemed to make a difference until Catriona treated him and found strains down his back which would be causing a very stiff and sore dog! Well, after 1 out of 3 treatments the difference is amazing, he is running on walks, he is so much happier and all of a sudden has a spring back in his step. We can’t recommend Catriona enough, anyone who has has their dogs treated will know how talented she is, my dogs and I will forever be appreciating her work, thank you Catriona, we can’t wait to have our dogs seen again. It is priceless to see our dogs happy.

Miriam Bogue, Montrose

Molly is a 15 year old working sheepdog who participated in flyball for around 9 of those years. Catriona has been providing Molly with ongoing massage therapy to help loosen her stiff old muscles. Molly has weakened back legs, spondylosis in the lower part of her spine and some minor strains in her rear legs. Massage has helped loosen and relieve the muscles in Molly’s shoulders as her front legs do all the work of locomotion now. Molly is always sprightly a couple of days after the massages and her benchmark ‘happy howl’ makes an appearance again! Thanks to Catriona for the ongoing therapy.

Marguerite Fleming, Aberdeen

Biff, our Cairn Terrier, is a nervous little dog who has had two back knee replacements. She enjoyed her massage and afterwards she moved and sat better; and it was as if she was back to her old self, with a bounce in her step. It is lovely to see.

Kirsty Hall, Stirling

My border collie, Sol, went lame a few times at his agility class and kept knocking poles. I took him along to Catriona to have him checked out and found that he had a few strains and some scar tissue along his back. A couple of days after his first massage he was acting like a puppy again! He started coming back up on to the bed again – which I’d never really noticed he’d stopped doing to my shame! – and jumping into the car instead of climbing in. After his course of 3 massages he’s like a different dog…he’s full of energy and back to always wanting to do something! He’s back to taking what I call his ‘dafties’- takes a toy out to the garden, tosses it up in the air then takes tearing round the garden at full speed, picks up the toy and off he goes again! It’s a joy to see him like this. My husband, who was sceptical of the benefits of massage, has even remarked on the difference in Sol. Thank you so much Catriona for giving me my crazy boy back again. 🙂

Ann Murdoch, Laurencekirk

canine_massage_testimonials_SierraIt’s wonderful to see my Aussie Shepherd pal Sierra smiling again when we walk! What a dramatic improvement in 3 weeks. Thanks a million Catriona!

Rosalind Srivastava, Dunbar

I have noticed a big difference in my Springer Kyla since getting her checked out and massaged by Catriona. I didn’t realise the little girl was ‘snappy’ because her muscular hind quarters were so tight plus a couple of other strains! After only 2 sessions she already looks so much more relaxed and at ease… and I can rub her hind legs without getting warned off!! Well worth a visit… you may not notice anything just now but best to catch early.

Barbara Sloss, East Kilbride

Canine Massage has worked wonders on my Brodie. She’s an Irish Setter and has torn her cruciate. Before the massage she was old and grumpy and now she is loving and keen to go for a walk again, a great improvement. I thought those days were gone forever.

Anthony Jervis, Edinburgh


Gigsy is a bit of an old man now but he ran down the beach like a much younger dog after his massage with Catriona. You tend to think your dog is slowing up because they are getting old but maybe they are just sore. Gigsy also has that old dog shaky back leg which has definitely improved with the massage.

Chris Pattison, Edinburgh

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